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Business Woman Sioux Falls provides exposure, easy accessibility to each other and supportive empowerment for the wealth of women in business in the Sioux Falls area, from small business owners to company CEOs, to the entrepreneurial woman just getting started on her business journey.

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Our online business directory significantly increases exposure for us as an immediate, easy way to search and find categorized listings of women in business in the Sioux Falls area. This will also dramatically enhance all of our businesses’ SEO!

To expand gatherings and events. any business woman who is a listing package member can post unlimited events to our events page our events page for their businesses or organizations. 

For inspiration and empowerment, this Business Woman Sioux Falls website is a center for relatable stories, educational articles, news, and resources.

Conversations and deeper connections through our “Business Woman Sioux Falls” Private Facebook Group feed exists live on the website homepage, with easy access to join the FB community. 

"Being a woman in business is a unique reality that creates its own path. The key to unlocking its best success is holding the space for its own value, its own support and its own community - honoring each member along the journey."
Mariah Brunz