Emotional Branding
emotional branding

There are literally thousands of brands out there vying for your attention every minute of every hour of every day. So how does a business stand out in a sea of clutter? How does it become a "memorable" brand that customers think of, relate to and buy from again and again?

The key: tune in to your customer's emotions!

If you're looking to make a shift in your business, it's time to focus a little less on hard-selling your product or service's 'features and benefits'. Do you start to feel the "ick" when you're constantly posting and promoting your business on social media? Try, instead, to think backwards. Start with the end result you hope your customers will experience. After they have purchased your products or engaged your services...how will they feel?

Every Business Can Sell Emotions

Take a clothing store, for example. Most boutiques don't just sell clothes. They sell and promote confidence and beauty, and depending on the brand, their customers maybe even feel a certain level of social status and a sense of belonging to an exclusive group of people.

Another example would be an auto repair shop. Yes, they can fix vehicles and provide regular maintenance services which is what most auto repair shops will advertise. But how do you feel when you know that you have a vehicle that is functioning well and you can rely on it to get you where you need to go, while transporting precious cargo (like dogs and children)? I definitely feel peace of mind, trust, and so much less stress knowing that I'm going to make it to my appointments, meetings and kid's activities safely and on time!

Putting some thought and strategy into selling emotions, or how people will feel when they work with you or buy your products, will resonate so much more effectively with your audience, allow your audience to relate to you on a deeper emotional level (hello loyal, raving fans!) and help your brand stand out in a unique way.

Large Scale Emotions

Most major brands have this figured out, and most people probably haven't even picked up on it. They see a fun commercial and think they are being sold a name brand commodity. More often than not, they are actually being sold on emotions, which is why these brands stick out to us so well! For example:

CocaCola doesn’t sell soda.
It sells happiness, friendship, and connection.

Dove doesn’t sell body wash.
They sell self esteem, self love, and beauty.

Rolls Royce doesn’t sell cars.
They sell social status, luxury, and success.

Old Spice doesn’t sell deodorant.
They sell humor and manliness.

Red Bull doesn’t sell energy drinks.
They sell excitement, youth, and daring adventures.

How About You?

The next time you're writing an email or planning social media posts, take a moment to consider what emotion(s) align with your brand. How do your customers feel when they see your logo, use your product, or engage your services? How is this emotion different from your competitors? With a little bit of time to reflect and brainstorm what those emotions are, I'm certain you'll find something that resonates much deeper than surface-level 'features and benefits'.

Happy Branding!




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