It’s Time to Expand!

It's time to take all the benefits of our BWSF group and expand them outside the walls of social media--creating even more possibilities for every businesswoman in our Sioux Falls community. We have been going strong since 2019, with countless connections being made, resources and events being shared, and huge business growth for our members. And it's time to pull the curtains back on every businesswoman here!

You have been on my mind—your visions, your dreams, your pains, your expectations, your questions, and your growth. Your success is one of the first purposes I feel deeply as my feet first hit the floor. Your health, wealth and your flourishing relationships are one of the top priorities in my heart.

Because you see, I have a strong sense of wonder. I have a need to “go for it”, to make it better, to make the world better, and to do this all with my own autonomy, my own passions and from my own heart.

I believe this is also what you want. 

And I also believe you and I have a longing. A longing for belonging. 

A longing to be understood, to be known, to be seen, and to be given countless opportunities. 

A longing to be able to share what’s going on this day or that day and to feel safe and heard by someone who understands, someone who can relate, who knows precisely why we feel the way we do about situations, and someone who can reflect back to us and remind us of the outcome we want to be focused on

All while believing in each other in a way that propels us to support each other businesses and buy into each other’s products and services, and exchange help with each other, all while empowering one another along the way.

We are so much more powerful together.

As a marketer, I know that women-owned businesses should have more visibility and ranking on search engines like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. I do not make the following statement ignorantly:

There is no reason that we women, our businesses and our names should not be the top-ranking businesses on local search engines when someone types a keyword on Google or Facebook, or Instagram for that matter.

There is no reason it should be hard to find a female accountant, painter, or restaurant owner in our area. We can change that by investing in our own businesses and each other's. 

So, let’s do it!

We have the power to create huge exposure for our businesses right here and right now!

  • Our NEW online business directory significantly increases exposure for us as an immediate, easy way to search and find categorized listings of women in business in the Sioux Falls area. This will also dramatically enhance all of our businesses' SEO!
  • To expand gatherings and events. any business woman who is a listing package member can now post unlimited events to our events page our events page for their businesses or organizations.
  • For inspiration and empowerment, we now have this Business Woman Sioux Falls website as a center for relatable stories, educational articles, news, and resources.
  • Conversations and deeper connections through our “Business Woman Sioux Falls” Private Facebook Group feed now exist live on the website homepage, with easy access to join the FB community.

For a small doable investment from each of us, every single one of us can exponentially grow our brand’s awareness and the reach of our audiences. We can each drive loads of traffic to our websites and to our products and services.

Just a little from each of us will create, not a ripple effect that dissipates as it goes further out, but a multiplication of our values that gets bigger and bigger. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN that goes on and on, and on!

Imagine Sioux Falls as a city overflowing with successful businesswomen.  Imagine it as a community for female entrepreneurs and relationships loaded with abundant wealth for all of us to thrive and share with the rest of the world.

We have this possibility at our very fingertips.

Join us in taking our business woman community to another level!

Click here to expand your exposure and to help grow our businesswoman community of support and success!