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As business owners, entrepreneurs, moms, wives, and friends we are all extremely busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. The checklist keeps getting longer with no end in sight. So how are we also expected to exercise and take care of our body?

We all know by now that exercise is important for living a healthy life. We have heard the countless benefits over and over again. The issue doesn’t seem to be that everyone is uneducated on the importance of movement and being physically fit, the issue seems to be making time to do this in our busy modern lives. At home workouts can ease the burden of having to commute and find childcare. This is a great option! However with so many options, and sometimes so many options on one platform, it’s hard to know which workout to do. Also buying several different pieces of equipment can be a financial burden and clutter the home. This is why I am providing a quick 30 minute workout that only uses dumbbells. 

This specific workout targets the lower body and back with a quick sprint of cardio at the end. Did you know that you should always do cardio after lifting?? This way you are not overly tired and can still focus on form while lifting. Grab whatever you have for dumbbells but make sure you challenge yourself. If at the end of 10 reps your muscles don’t feel tired it’s time to move up in weight. I know not everyone has dumbbells laying around the house so use what you have. Although if you are looking to invest in some exercise equipment, dumbbells are going to be your most versatile and can be found for a fairly decent price.

I hope this workout gets your heart pumping and you feel tired yet accomplished at the end! If you are ever looking for more information regarding exercise and nutrition please email me at sdjennan@gmail.com. I have been a certified personal trainer for over 5 years and an ACE certified nutrition specialist for close to 2 years. No question is to small I’m always happy to help!

Link to video:https://youtu.be/JCuJOptttQs

Jenna is an ACE certified personal trainer that has been helping clients meet their fitness goals for the past 5 years. She currently owns a life management business. In this business she helps busy families with their day to day life tasks so they can spend more time focusing on family and career.

Jenna is goal oriented and loves helping others reach their goals whether it be in fitness, career, or personal.
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