Simple Epic Living

Hey there, my name is Stephanie and I am a lover of many things! One of which is Interior Design and everything beautiful that goes into a home. As of this Summer I have been doing Interior Design in some shape or form for 20 years! I honestly don’t feel like I am old enough to say that. Even though some days I feel that old, especially when I am attempting to do things that came much easier once upon a time, such as waterskiing! 😉

There are a few reasons I love this career! First of all I love getting to know people, their taste, their lifestyle and them personally. I am a people person 110%!!!! Another reason I love Interior Design is I love making things pretty. Whether it is a paint job, rearranging a room, or anything that breathes new life into an area it is so fun for me! I love transformations or bringing out the best in a space. Lastly I love it because I think everyone should have a home that reflects them and feels good. A space they want to be in. I am a homebody by nature and it is one of my favorite things to be at home with my family. Whether it is cooking a meal, snuggled up or being outside with our animals. Our homes will have memories for us and our loved ones for a lifetime!

While I am not here today to tell you about how to style your open shelving or what the trending paint colors are. Today I want to share with you something that has been on my mind for a while now. Like I said I absolutely love design and all the pretty things! There is also a part of me that wants to encourage those of you who may not have your dream home yet to not feel discouraged. I just want to say no matter where you are living and no matter what your budget you can have a space that feels good to you!

You don’t have to have the latest and greatest of everything, just incorporate a few things that have meaning or excite you! Another option is some new paint on the walls or new throw pillows and a floral to freshen up your space! These things can do wonders! Sometimes I feel like keeping up with the Jones’ can be daunting and just a little reminder that what truly feels good to you and your loved ones is the most important! There is nothing wrong with a Simple Yet Epic Life. Some of my truly favorite things or times are some of the simplest. I look forward to sharing more about my goal to achieve a Simplie Epic Life in the future! Maybe just maybe you will feel the same!


Stephanie Vostad is an Interior Designer and an Accredited Stager. She is currently working exclusively with Kelly Construction as their Manager of Design and Client Experience. Stephanie is also a wife and mother to their 2 children, 4 dogs, 4 chickens and a bunny! If you can’t tell by that list she is an avid animal lover! In addition to that she hopes to inspire people to live with intention and find joy in the simplicity of everyday life.


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